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ORGANIC leggings LEO NATURE - Morro do Papagaio collection

ORGANIC leggings LEO NATURE - Morro do Papagaio collection

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Leggings are just perfect for every season! Thanks to our Summer Sweat, the leggings are warm but also stretchy and cut a great figure as trousers, under a dress or with a cool sweater.

Leggings are a great companion for children, whether they are girls or boys. Therefore, for us, the leggings are a neutral friend that gives your child space to play and romp.

With our "Morro do Papagaio" collection, we have also conjured up art with history on fabric. Thomas Lupo (from ARTHELPS) created this art for 5 months with the children from the favela "Morro do Papagaio".

These kids were able to put their creativity and thoughts on paper and ARTHELPS created this wonderful design. At first glance, the design looks like a LEO print, which is currently very trendy and stands for diversity and joy with its different colors. Take a closer look. Can you spot the different heads and hairstyles? Exactly, that's what's special about this design. There are different heads and hairstyles that are as individual as your child.

We are happy that we can process such a wonderful design and turn it into cool and expressive children's clothing.

A natural shade of beige in combination with a light brown and black makes the leggings an absolute it-piece!

We donate 10% of the proceeds to the favela "Morro do Papagaio" to support a local English school ❤️

Morro Do Papagaio Collection

The leo prints look like “normal” leo prints at first. But if you look closely, you can see the peculiarity . They are real people 's hairstyles and heads . The children drew the outlines or painted them from their memories and the leo prints were created on them.

Unique , in our opinion, because that's how the design gets its special charm and history.

Read the whole article in our MAGAZINE

You can buy these leggings from size 86 -152 order
The material:

summer sweat
95% cotton, 5% spandex

Off to the laundry:

Our organic sweat likes to be washed at 30 degrees. Preferably without fabric softener, but with a gentle detergent. A little tip from us: If you want to wash it particularly softly, simply add a dash of household vinegar. you can iron it But it's a bit unforgiving if you throw it in the dryer, so you should just line dry it.

That's what we stand for

MADE IN GERMANY - strictly speaking, we manufacture everything in the beautiful North Black Forest. We feel most comfortable in the middle of nature and produce our organic children's fashion with heart, body and soul.

ORGANIC COTTON - Our cotton is 100% organic. Our suppliers, like us, ensure absolute transparency with one of the highest certificates. No harmful substances or chemicals are used in our fabrics. Neither in the production of the fabric nor in the plant itself. The ink of our own designs is water-based and harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

SUSTAINABLE - for us, this includes short transport routes, regional goods, waste avoidance and social commitment. We get our fabrics from Germany, Portugal or Greece. We keep the transport routes as short as possible. From our offcuts, we make small gifts for your children or kindergartens etc. just where it could be needed and where we can make others happy. Social commitment. With our criteria for the selection of fabrics and their suppliers, we ensure that all people who help with our fabric production are paid fairly.

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Our designs

All of our print designs are absolutely unique. These are created in our creative workshop. Each design has been hand painted by us and printed onto these wonderful fabrics. The pressure. is made with a water-based paint. This is absolutely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

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